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            Magnesium industry in Chongqing science and technology company limited is a loncin Holdings Limited subsidiary wholly-owned subsidiary, is a loncin holdings one of five major industry sectors, specializing in automotive, motorcycle, hand (electric) casting of magnesium alloy products such as tools, portable shell, as well as, special profile extrusion of magnesium alloy sacrificial anode products design, application development, casting, machining and surface treatment.Is China National Technology Department magnesium alloy application and the industrialization technology research base, national development and Reform Commission magnesium alloy precision forming and the continuous processing technology high-tech industrialization model engineering base, bear national "15", and "Eleven-Five", and "Twelve-Five" magnesium alloy technology research and national "863" plans, and national torch plans near 10 items, bear Chongqing City CST, and Commission magnesium alloy car, and motorcycle, and hand (electric) dynamic tools, and extrusion profile industrialization application technology research project 26 items, developed magnesium alloy industry standard 4 items, Over more than 30 patents (including 10 invention patents),There are 4 types of products (magnesium-alloy steering wheel, hand tools, motorcycle parts and tubes extrusion) is high-tech product recognizes.
        The company was founded on April 19, 2001, the registered capital of $ 51 million, and total assets of $ 200 million.Existing staff of 178 people, with 4.5 million of annual production capacity of casting parts (3000T), extrusion production capacity of 2000T, 3000T of magnesium alloy.
             Companies adhere to the "enhanced technical support and product development to customer service, full integration into and participation in the design and development of customer processes" marketing strategy, developing high-end customers and top products, parallel development of both domestic and international markets."To the components, surface treatment of materials, products, and other applied sciences to put focus on the adaptability, to keep your business in technology, process and product leading position on the international" innovation strategies to manage innovation to break through, to talent introduction and training as a means of promoting enterprise's sustainable competitive ability.
            Companies always adhere to customer interests above everything else of value orientations, as always, committed to "zero defects, zero distance services, after zero complaints" construction.Tools, products for automobile, profile as the strategic focus of the company's future development to be nurturing, special tools, automotive products and stronger.To become international leading enterprises of magnesium industry, implementation of "create the world brand, State historic famous enterprise" grand strategy.